Michael II of Romania
The only son of the former King of Romania: Michael I
King Michael of Romania has only one son Michael II of Romania who is also known as Mihai Von Hohenzollern II. Michael II descends from Queen Victoria, as well as the Prussian House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, which provided Romania’s first King, Carol I. King Michael I abdicated on December 30, 1947 and was sent into exile by the communist government of Romania. Michael II was born in Switzerland and raised under protection on the East Coast of the United States. He has lived a modest Americanized life of exile and has enjoyed various careers as an educator, a corporate consultant, a patient advocate and promoter of traditional medicine. Mihai II is proud of his three children and grand children that all continue to live in the United States. Now living in Southern California, he continues to promote the interests and culture of his Romanian homeland and considers Bucharest his hometown. This is the official web site authorized by Michael II of Romania and administered under his direction and on his behalf. Included in this site are the subjects of Romanian History, Romanian Politics, Romanian Culture, Travel in Romania, the Romanian Royal Family as well as other Royals of relation and connection. Michael II is the Head of House for the Romanian branch of the Hohenzollern line by agnatic primogeniture law after the abdication of Michael I in 1947. However Mihai continues to refer to his Father as King Michael out of respect. You may contact Michael’s office at Mihai Von Hohenzollern II on facebook.....JR, Site Administrator
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The Heads of The Romanian Royal Family: King Carol I, King Ferdinand, King Carol II, Former King Michael I, and Michael II

The Romanian Royal Family
     During the last several years Mihai II has promoted Romania and the people of Romania via his website. He has had a great deal of positive feedback. His readers and followers continue to grow. One of his goals has always been to be in Romania where he can personally be involved with the people. As this goals comes into a reality, he has received acknowledgement by President Basescu. He has corresponded with the President's office during the past years and appreciates the gesture.

 Saving The Romanian Royal Family
The Woman Responsible for Saving The Family Line
     It has been a recurring question as why Michael was brought to the United States and did not remain in Europe. As head of the Romanian Royal Family since his Father's abdication, Michael II's safety became the key issue. Early, when communism had just been forced upon the Romanian people the only male child of the Royal line was a danger to the new regime and Stalinist tactics were a very real concern in Europe. Also the American operative closely tied to the family took the responsibility of rescuing, protecting, and safely bringing Michael into exile in the United States. She was also instrumental in the development and implementation of his cover.
     Don't lie, but don't tell everything you know...Don't act too smart... A young child has not yet mastered the science of rationalizing or lying; they are innocent. For Michael he learned enough at a young age not to trust. A young child has a mind that takes in everything and remembers perfectly, however he knew not to disclose his memories to his protector.
      For Michael the memories are vivid of the people connected to his early years; from his family to the time with the order that protected him. Perhaps that is where he developed the skill to hide and be very silent. “I could hide directly in front of someone and not be seen”. How to blend in was a key for his safety.

 Happy Birthday Michael II & Margarita of Romania

      In some cultures and old beliefs the birth of twins were considered unlucky or a bad omen. At the time of their birth in Switzerland the luck of the Hohenzollerns had seemed to have already run out after nearly a thousand years of success. The greatest loss for the family had been Romania, a home they embraced and a nation they themselves lead to liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Romania was by many considered a backward back water, though in reality the land was full of cultural riches and has always been a great crossroads that throughout history, stood in the path of empire expansion. They are a people that have suffered for this. Though the Romanian Royal Family was transplanted from a German land, they embraced their new home, worked to modernize it for a greater future for Romanians as a free and independent people. Romanians enjoyed the growing opportunities. For Carol I, his tasks must have seemed nearly impossible. Though born into one of the wealthiest families in Europe, he could have stayed home; and perhaps Romanians would have been absorbed into some other more powerful and dominant culture as lesser citizens. The idea of Royal leadership today may seem old fashioned, however for those who must lead, it is an obligation to serve the people that can not, even to this day, be tossed aside. There are many twin myths, but interestingly these stories often happen in times of great upheaval and change. Typically they are creation stories during dark times and these twins are born into a world of great loss. In 1948 the family's great work to build a nation had slipped away, and it seemed Romanians would never be a free people again. This is when they were born, in exile rather than on their native soil in Romania. As salic law would not place her the head of family, the second child would be presented to the world. The firstborn, the heir apparent, and head of one of the surviving lines of the Romanovs, was both a threat to the Communist Government in Bucharest as well as Stalin's Soviet Ideology. He would be moved around and kept both protected and alone from the family. They would lead separate lives, but duty to serve remained instilled. They have both been dutiful. Happy Birthday Michael and Margarita.


     History repeats itself in many ways. Michael II's daughter not only is a repeat of a well remembered face of the Romanian Royal Family, her Aunt Ileana, she also proves to have a similar temperament. 80 years apart, but it is as if time stood still.

The March For The Monarchy
     On Sunday, November 10 over 1,000 people marched in Bucharest asking for the reinstatement of the monarchy. The Organizers of the march was The National Alliance for Reinstating the Monarchy. Currently, all members of the Royal House of Romania have the surname “Of Romania”. Hence Michael II is referred to as Michael II of Romania. The Supporters believe that a monarchy makes a country strong and loyal. When asked about this move, Michael II of Romania stated, “I would look forward to serving the Romanian People; as I should”.

 Former King Michael's Birthday
     Michael II wishes to acknowledge the birthday of his father. A sincere heartfelt wish for happiness and a peace of mind, for the past and the future. May health and good fortune prevail.

Anne of Romania Celebrates Her 90th Birthday
    Michael II would like to extend a very special birthday greeting to Anne of Romania. He has a great deal of personal reverence towards her . Her smile and words emit kindness and strength at the same time. Her devotion to family and people set an example to follow. The examples of adoration shown to her on her birthday are a credit to her sincerity. Happy Birthday ; I raise a glass to this year and the year to come.


     A heartfelt congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their son, Prince George of Cambridge. They represent a new and personal royal generation. The birth of their son brings in a new line to the British Throne. “ I feel they will be wonderful and involved parents, and may their freshness and energy extend to all European Royal families; as we are all related.” Michael II

     Michael II wishes to express his appreciation for all the calls and messages from people who were concerned for him during the recent wildfire in the Palm Springs, California area. It warmed his heart to know and feel that people cared. He was able to return to his home on Monday and all is well.  He expresses his gratitude to the many firefighters that protected the area.


     “On a personal note, to be evacuated was a valuable and real lesson of life. One may consider how they would react in such a situation, however, the truth is in the actual performance not the dress rehearsal.” quoted Michael II. He went on to explain that you look around and realize that all the art pieces, furniture, china, silver and such are just objects. However that said, it was essential to remain calm and decide what few things to take. When asked what he chose, his response was, “ family photos, and photos that were presented to him, such as his never seen AP birth photo from Switzerland and never seen photos of his father, a few books including an Autographed copy of a biography of his great grandmother that was presented to him, and lastly a few pieces of art.” He went on to say that he locked the door and didn't look back. He explained that this incident brought back memories of when he was uprooted and brought into exile in America and had to relearn life. He remembers often being told, ' Look forward, don't look back.' However, he does admit that he does remember and longs to return; but on a plane this time.

Transatlantic Freighter "Diplomat"

The Coronation of the Belgian King
On Sunday July 21st, Crown Prince Philippe will be crowned as the new Belgian King following the reemergence of King Albert's paternity scandal.

A King is Pursued for Paternity
The Face Says It All; Delphine & King Albert

     It was announced that Belgium's King Albert would abdicate to his son Crown Prince Philippe. The official ceremony is to be held on July 21, Belgium's National day. The 79 year old monarch cites health as the main reason for his abdication. Michael II wishes Crown Prince Philippe and his wife Princess Mathilde the best.

     King Albert has had many political conflicts to deal with, and a personal conflict has reappeared. Six years after he became king following the death of his brother Baudoin, a paternity issue came about in which Delphine Boel took the position of being his daughter. In very recent weeks she has filed to have DNA to prove her position. King Albert's position allows him to skirt the legal paternity issues not afforded the average citizen, however Ms. Boel is asking for DNA from Crown Prince Philippe and his sister Princess Astrid. Michael received several calls concerning both the abdication and the issue of paternity. His statement and reply was, “ First of all the issue of being legitimate or illegitimate has changed drastically in recent years and doesn't carry weight, a child is a child and Father must be responsible.” He went on to say, “ If a monarch is truly loyal to his people, that person should be honest and true to all, including his own family and children. There is duty and responsibility as a parent. The child is not to blame for the present situation, they are the result of the parents actions, but unfortunately often pay for those deeds.” When asked about his own situation and exile, he hesitated and gave his concluding statement, “I am sympathetic to Delphine Boel's stance, but it is not my place to take my cousin to task, rather the Belgian People should determine justice....Having been raised in the absence of my own parents I can relate to Ms. Boel being caught among political secrets at the expense of her own well being. This Belgian situation is just another example that the truth eventually will be known no matter the efforts made to suppress it.... From my youth I was instilled with a strong sense of duty to people and to family.”

Delphine Boel's Face Bares the Unmistakable Hohenzollern Look of Her Great-Great-Grandmother Princess Marie Luise Von Hohenzollern Sigmaringen

Cosimo I Medici Was Not A Deadbeat Dad
Cosimo I Was A Responsible Teenage Father
      Michael II descends from Cosimo I de' Medici the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Most people probably learn their parenting skills from their own parents. Cosmi was the golden boy and only child of Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, aka Giovanni de' Medici. The senior Medici's personality must have been quite different from that of his son. Events however removed Giovanni, leaving Cosimo in the care of his widowed mother Maria Salviati. Cosimo would become the gifted and powerful leader of Florence at age seventeen. History tends to focus on political and cultural events rather than the domestic events that can be the more true telling of a figure's character.
      Around age 16, Cosimo fathered a child. Of the childs Mother, time has brurried the secret, but Cosimo recognized his Daughter Bia, and took her into the family's care. She was raised along side her cousin Guilia spending much of her time with her paternal Grandmother. The young father was known to adore this daughter. When tragedy struck, and Bia died from an unknown fever, the grieving father posthumorously commissioned a portrait of his child. This famous portrait by Rennaissance Master Agnolo Brozino, for many, is considered the artist's greatest work. Her hint of a smile, deviates from the popular solemn portraiture of the time, and must have been a comforting reminder to Cosimo.
Grieving Cosimo Commisioned A Portrait of Bia
     Indeed all of Cosimo's children enjoyed all the opportunities that their Father could offer, no matter thier legitamacy. Where other figures in history have been more concerned of the political consequinces of recognizing thier children, the Grand Duke of Tuscany took the stanze befitting his position. True then as it is today, a good Father willingly provides for his children.
The Grand Duke Was Good To His Children
Not Shamed By Them

     Maria II is the only European Monarch to have been born outside of Europe.
Infanta Antonia of Portugal was King Ferdinand's Mother
Her Mother was the Queen of Portugal

A Princess and a Lady

Princess Lilian Passes Away At Age 97
     Michael II wishes to express his tribute to the passing of H.R.H. Princess Lilian. She was truly an example of Love, Courage, and commitment. We can all learn from her story. Michael II can certainly relate to her life. She was a true and honest example of royalty as it should be. In spite of everything, duty was foremost. The people admired and loved her. Also the Swedish Royal family accepted her into their fold; that says a lot for who she was and who they are. He is proud to be related to the Swedish Royal family; real people as was Lilian. In closing, Michael II wishes to pay a personal tribute because H.R.H. Princess Lilian remembered him when others are more comfortable forgetting.
Princess Lilian Duchess of Halland

King Ferdinand
King Ferdinand had a strong sense of duty
     The great grandfather of Michael II, King Ferdinand I of Romania, ruled from 1914 until his death in 1927. The reign was then passed to Michael's father Michael I. Ferdinand often, by his own choice, lived in the shadows of his charismatic and outgoing wife, Marie of Edinburgh. Although Ferdinand preferred to be in the background, he was very dedicated to his position and duties ; particularly at wartime. He is often not given credit for his accomplishments for Romania and it's future. What is also overlooked and will be discussed in a series of articles to follow, is his very important lineage that connects the family to Portugal and other nations.

One of Michael II favorite pictures of his great grandfather King Ferdinand. It is an astonishing likeness to Michael II when he was of similar age.

The Connection to The Germany's Royal Family
Empress Victoria of Germany is Michael II's
Great-Great-Grandmother through Helen of Greece
     Anyone who is interested in the European Royal Families, knows that they are in fact all connected. Queen Victoria in her own right was a mastermind of marrying her children with the intention of connections. One that proved to be quite important was that of her eldest daughter, Victoria. Her marriage to Frederick III of Prussia connected the German royalty. As a result of this marriage, she became the German Empress and Queen Consort of Prussia.
     The children of Frederick III and Victoria also married to connect royal houses. One to mention was that of their daughter Sophie, who married Constantine I of Greece. An offspring of that marriage was the grandmother of Michael II, Helen of Greece. This connected the Royal Houses of England, Denmark, Greece, Romania, and Germany. It also yields Michael II a Double Descendant of Queen Victoria; as is his cousin Prince Charles of Great Britain.
Helen of Greece (center) connects Michael II's line to Prussian Royal Family through Sophia of Prussia and to the Danish Royal through King Constantine I of Greece

     Royal lineages are interesting and quite often crisscross and weave some interesting facts. One being that Empress Victoria is not only Michael's great-great-great-aunt, but she is also his great-great-grandmother.
Empress Victoria of Germany is both Michael II great-great-grandmother and great-great-great-aunt
Queen Victoria With Empress Victoria

    Royal lineages can be quite complicated; and the Romanian Royal Family is no exception. The direct tie to Great Britain and other ' European Houses ' is very distinct. However, one that is very direct is with Denmark. In 1863 the Greek throne was given to William of Denmark and her was crowned George I. Michael II is directly related through his grandmother, Helen of Greece. Michael II has a personal respect for Denmark and Queen Margrethe II. His danish friends speak wonderfully of her as a queen, a person, and a very devoted mother. He sends his very personal New Year's Greetings to Queen Margrethe II and her family.


  Family and Friends

      The Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul is a community of nuns devoted to helping people in need. They were founded in 1633 by St. Vincent de Paul and Louise de Merillac. They were often referred as ' The Grey Nuns ' because of the blueish grey habit they wore. They also wore a broad white cornette , which allowed them another distinguishable trait. Their beginning in Paris broadened to areas throughout Europe. In 1809 Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton continued the order in Emmitsburg, Maryland.
      Michael II has a particular affinity to the order and appreciates what was done for him. He remembers being taken on a trip in his early years in the United States to Quebec, Canada to visit the sisters.


Sisterhood of Spies: by Elizabeth P. McIntosh
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD USA 1998
     This book exposes the efforts of the many women who answered the call of duty joining the hastily formed OSS to help the allied forces win WWII. The Office of Strategic Service aka OSS was the precursor to the CIA that was formed just prior to America's entry to the war by presidential order of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The author Elizabeth McIntosh, who joined the OSS after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, in her native Hawaii, recounts her own experiences as well as compiles many experiences of her sisters in arms. Sisterhood of Spies underlines the great risks and sacrifices and combined secret efforts made by an international ensemble of players on all fronts of the allied camp. Ms. McIntosh brings to life a time when the United States steps beyond innocence and becomes today's superpower and establishes an intelligence agency with the help and encouragement of the more advanced British intelligence service. The book is an exciting read, yet unencumbered style allows the reader to easily follow the complicated material. The inclusion of famous personalities such as Julia Child and Lord Louis Mountbatten (a Greek Relative to Michael II of Romania and Prince Consort Phillip), along with the many heroic ordinary people, locks the readers attention until the end.
“I found the book very interesting and made a very personal connection with the service of my own family with the OSS and my own hidden childhood, which had me moved around during the cold war. I was moved to make a personal contact with Ms. McIntosh, who now in her nineties remains very much the fascinating woman who served the war effort”(Michael II). Find this
Sisterhood of Spies at Amazon and see Elizabeth McIntosh on the video series Secrets of War season 1 episode 3 “Women Spies of World War II” online at Hulu.com.

Romanian Culture, History, and Travel
As in Britain abdications are just as final in Romania:
Former Kings Edward VIII & Carol II
Who is The Head of The Royal Family of Romania?
     Michael II is the Head of the Romanian Royal Family a branch of the Hohenzollern line by agnatic primogeniture law after the abdication of Michael I in 1947. As the oldest child and only son of Michael I, Michael II is the rightful heir to the Romanian Crown. The Head of the Royal Family is the only person that may hold the position of King. As Head of the Family, Michael II is the only authority to set rules of house since the 1947 abdication of his Father King Michael I. Princess Margarita of Romania is the full sister of Michael II and he appreciates her work for the public, however as head of the family Michael II does not recognize her use of the title of Crown Princess. The line of succession passes from Michael II to his oldest child the heir apparent a Prince of Romania and then to Michael II's three Grand Son's in order of their birth. Succession then follows Michael II's next Son and then to his youngest child, his Daughter. Only after Michael II's line has been exhausted does Princess Margarita become heir apparent for head of the Royal Family of Romania, and the Crown. Michael II continues to refer to his Father as King Michael out of respect and does not cede authority or prerogative back to his Father "His Royal Highness the Former King Michael I". Rights of succession are determined by birth and are not an individual's preference; I.E. Michael I could not choose his heir apparent. A King may only abdicate once, then the Crown and position Head of the Royal Family is passed to the oldest son no matter that son's age. The King may not skip over the rightful heir. Like King Carol II's forced abdication in 1940, King Michael I's abdication in 1947 is just as final and he is no longer King nor Head of the Royal Family. Any house rules set by Michael I since his abdication are false acts including any granting of titles or separation from the Hohenzollerns of Germany. Michael II maintains those prerogatives.
King Michael I abdicated in 1947 thus removing himself as the Head of the Royal Family.  His son became the true Head of the Royal Family.
We have received comments about the photo of the boy to the right.  No it is not a lost photo of Michael I. It is Michael I's son Michael II, who was rarely photographed.
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Speaking Romanian
     Michael has always found it to be both a pleasure and responsibility to stay informed and to educate about Romania. Knowing about the people, culture, and political arena are vital. In preparation of his entry into Romania he finds it important to study the language. While he doesn't promise to be a master of the language, he wishes to have an understanding of it.

      Michael I marries Anne                                                                                                          Pope Pius XII
    Every family has and carries secrets and at times it might seem as if a blood oath was taken to entrust that the secret or secrets never be revealed. In all honesty, a time period or circumstances may have warranted secrecy. However, there is the truism that secrets are revealed when an opportunity and circumstance manifests. Michael was recently asked to evaluate his life in as few words as possible. He came up with just two; Secrets and Reclamation. “ When one's life is surrounded by secrets, a time comes to reveal and stop the progression and face truths and reality.” “ My goal is to correct facts and thus reclaim the truth and all involved.”

   The Burden of Truth & Karma                     Never Too Old To Account For War Crime

 Romania Pioneers Bee Medicine
     Michael II is an active proponent of Traditional Medicine and stays informed. At one point in his career he often lectured on elements and procedures related to the venue. Most people are unaware that his grandfather, Carol II, was also a proponent and actually introduced and informed Romanians about aspects of health and Traditional Medicine.
     A recent article in the news discussed the ancient practice that involves Bees and honey; Apitherapy. Romania is so rich in culture and traditions, therefore the interesting facts in this article wasn't a surprise, but more the confirmation of sense and logic.
     The use of Bees and their products traces back to Ancient Greece. Romania was and is currently the leader in Apitherapy. There is an Institute for Agricultural Research and Development in Bucharest. Also, in 1984 the world's first Apitherapy Medical Center opened in Bucharest.
     Honey is a natural preservative and never spoils. The honey itself has many purposes from healing wounds to dealing with digestive issues. Cosmetics also employs the properties of honey. Bee venom has become a big element in Apitherapy. The venom has been known to have some impressive results in treating Multiple sclerosis and the immune system. The balancing of the immune system is the key to improving and reversing many conditions.
     An enthusiastic comment from Michael II quotes, “ I am proud, impressed and excited about Romania's involvement and progression in Traditional Medicine and the attitudes related to the advances.”

Worries of More Genocide In Africa
      Recently Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh referred to homosexuals as "vermin" and promised that his government would tackle them in the same way it fights malaria-causing mosquitoes. I am very concerned that in this modern age, when such wonders are possible, that there are individuals that would promote the eradication of other human beings. We as humans, should be more concerned about directing our efforts in more positive ways. Mr. Jammeh's rhetoric is reminiscent to how the horrors of World War II began in Europe. My Grandfather and Great Grandmother would not have remained silent. I emphatically denounce Mr. Jammeh's position, and his thoughts are absolutely unacceptable. I remain a supporter of human rights. Leaders must remember they are to represent the interests of all their citizens.

Michael II

The Passing of Nelson Mandela
      Michael II of Romania wishes to extend sympathy to the people of South Africa and the family of Nelson Mandela. His life long passion was the fight for justice and equal rights for everyone. He believed he would achieve his goals and showed the world true strength of spirit and courage. What he accomplished should never be forgotten. He will always be an example to follow as a person and as a leader. Nelson Mandela will be sadly missed, but his spirit will carry on.

Saint Parascheva
     Every year on October 14, people gather at the cathedral in Lasi to pray for blessings and miracles at the relics of Saint Parascheva. Traditional foods, including 'sarmale', stuffed cabbage, are prepared to feed the people who travel. Saint Parascheva lived in the first half of the 11th century and is known as the protector of Romania's Moldavia region. Inside the cathedral her entire body is carefully preserved in a casket with a glass top.
A heartfelt congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their son, Prince George of Cambridge. They represent a new and personal royal generation. The birth of their son brings in a new line to the British Throne. “ I feel they will be wonderful and involved parents, and may their freshness and energy extend to all European Royal families; as we are all related.” Michael II

Princess Irina of Romania (aka Irina Walker) Is Arrested
     Michael II is very much a believer of animal rights and is against cruelty to animals. He has personally rescued many dogs. Yesterday he met a wonderful young chow rescue. She was found walking in the middle of a rural road. She and her new parent were obviously very much bonded and felt privileged to have found each other.
      With the above said, Michael II received calls about the recent arrest of Princess Irina in Oregon. He agrees with and repeats his father's position that the family hopes that the American justice system and Oregon State Court will resolve the issue quickly and justly. Without passing judgment on his sister Irina, Michael II as head of the Romanian Royal Family does not condone cruelty to any animal.
Irina of Romania and Her Husband (A Former Deputy Sheriff) Face Charges Stemming From Alleged Cock Fighting

Calafat Romania

     Recently Calafat made the news with the opening in June of the new Calafat – Vidin Bridge. Located on the Danube River, Calafat has always been the crossing point to Bulgaria, by ferry. The danube has always been the chief water way for commerce. It was founded in the 14th century by Genoese colonists, who began the industry that is famous for, ship repair. Today, it remains an economic center, with hopes to grow because of the connecting bridge to Bulgaria. As with all historic cities in Romania one will find architectural influences unique to it's founders. An example is the ornate church of St. Nicholas.


Calafat on the Danube

Vidin Bulgaria on the Danube
       Traveling across the new bridge in Calafat, one will find the historical and ancient Bulgarian city of Vidin. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities. It's rich and glorious history started in the 1st century when it was called Bononia. Later there were conquests by the Ottomans and the Turks. It offers many landmarks that make a visit worthwhile. Such examples are: Baba Vida Castle, the synagogue, numerous churches representing different architectural styles, and a Turkish Mosque. Now one hopes the connecting bridge will revitalize both Vidin and Calafat.
Ancient Vidin is Calafat's Neighbor Across the Danube

Maryhill Museum of Art Dedicated by Queen Marie of Romania in 1926
    Sitting on over 6,000 acres one will find a spectacular mansion in Goldendale, Washington that overlooks the Columbia River. It is the Maryhill Museum of Art. In this gem of a museum, one will find a unique, but important and outstanding art collection. Michael II has a particular attraction to the museum because it houses a collection of royal regalia of his great grandmother, Queen Marie. In fact, he recently met a couple at a book signing he attended who were from Washington State. “ I appreciated their enthusiasm in telling me about the museum, and their interest in my background and my family.”
    The mansion was owned by a wealthy businessman, Sam Hill. The estate is named after his daughter, Mary. His original intention was to have a Quaker agricultural community on his estate. That enterprise did not go forward and he was encouraged by a friend Loie Fuller, a famous figure in modern dance, to establish an art museum.
    Queen Marie was a friend of Sam Hill , and for her appreciation for his assistance to Romania after World War I, she helped dedicate the museum at the opening ceremony in 1926. She gave over 100 pieces of art and personal possessions to the museum.
    Michael II looks forward to visiting the museum and it's grounds; particularly with the connection to one of his favorite family figures.
Queen Marie of Serbia daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania
     Maryhill Museum of Art continues to impress Michael II. Queen Marie's eldest daughter, Elisabetha donated a collection of Tanagra figurines. Elisabetha was the former Queen Consort of Greece. However, the museums first donation came from Queen Marie's second daughter Marie, Queen Consort of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. She donated three silver filigree objects. “ There is a lot of family and Romania in the Maryhill Museum of Art.” Michael proudly comments



Alma Spreckles

     Alma de Bretteville Spreckels was the fourth patron of the museum and was dedicated to the developing the mansion into a museum of art. Through the years she had purchased objects belonging to Queen Marie. The intention was to make a Romanian Room in another museum, San Francisco's California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Instead, she decided to donate this collection to Maryhill. This varied collection includes Queen Marie's gold throne and a replica of her coronation crown. Thanks to Alma de Bretteville Spreckels we have a piece of Romanian history in Washington State.


Queen Marie's Crown(replica) and King Ferdinand an Queen Marie's Wedding Goblet

This is down town Bucharest?
     The Village Museum in Bucharest is one of the largest and oldest outdoor museums in Europe. One will locate this museum on the Herastrau lake shore. It is referred to as an ' Ethnographic Museum ', which basically means that the layout represents a map of Romania. More than 300 buildings display the history of Romania's architecture and ethnic traditions for each rural region ; right down to the plants, churches, and household objects particular to each region. The layout and construction brought in local craftsmen from each region. The official opening was on May 10, 1936 for King Carol II, while the general public had an opening a week later on may 17.

     Sebes, location for the new Dailmer transmission plant, is located in central Romania in Alba county. It's recorded history dates back to the 12th century when it was settled by the Saxons. The city has always flourished economically as it was always know for the numerous crafts guilds and manufacturing. The name, Sebes , derives from the Hungarian meaning, fast , because of the river that swiftly runs through it. Thus, historically there were always mills along the river that worked favorably towards the trade element and prosperity. Even today one will notice the pride in maintaining the history of their buildings with the colorful high roofs that display the Transylvanian style. There are still examples of the 12th century architecture with churches and remaining guild towers.

An American Portrait
     In 1873 George Peter Alexander Healy painted a portrait of Prince Carol of Romania, before the future King led his people through a war where Romania would finally gain independence. The test of time would certainly prove that Healy was one of history's most gifted portrait artists. During his time, as an American, Healy would have been considered an unconventional choice to commission a royal portrait. However, Healy was a prolific and well respected artist in both the United States, where he painted presidents, as well as in Europe where he provided portraits of royals and even the Pope. The reserved Prince Carol had an eye for art and was as unconventional as were his choices. These choices proved to be great investments for Romania. Carol I bought El Grecos when they were unfashionable and undervalued.

     American artist George Peter Alexander was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 15,1813 and died on June 24,1894 in Chicago,Illinois. He was one of the most prolific artists in America. In fact, he is known to have painted more portraits than any other American artist. His talent as an artist was discovered at a very young age, thus he was promoted and provided for. He studied, traveled, and exhibited throughout Europe. Shown below is his portrait of American president Lincoln, which he is highly noted for.

     Lasi, Iasi, located in the Moldavia region, is one of the largest and oldest of the Romanian cities. It is an absolute must to explore and discover. Historically it is known as a 'Capital City'. It was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1564 to 1859 and from 1859 to 1862 it was the capital of the United Principalities. It served as the capital of Romania during WWI when Bucharest was occupied. The capital was returned to Bucharest after the defeat of Imperial Germany and it's allies in 1918. Lasi is known for it's extensive and varied cultural aspects from universities, opera, museums, monuments, and the oldest botanical garden in Romania. One will fine the boasting of legitimate ' OLDEST in Romania ' in Lasi. It has a prominent Jewish history. Today, the population is small. However, prior to the holocaust period, the Jewish population represented over one third of the total population of Lasi. It had over 127 synagogues. It's prominent and intellectual culture is well documented. The old and new architecture meld well. This is not a city to quickly pass through; plan a considerable amount of days here.
One of Romania's most beautiful and exciting; cities see more about Lasi here!

Queen Emma's Summer Palace

     When in Honolulu a visit to Queen Emma's Summer Palace is suggested for a start to understanding Hawaii's royalty. The summer palace is known as ' Hanalakamalma ', the foster child of the moon. Queen Emma enjoyed this retreat from 1857- 1885. Upon her death the Hawaiian Government purchased it and subsequently the ' Daughters of Hawaii ' purchased it. They maintain this historic landmark and provide tours that are very informative, personal, and relaxed. Valuable insight is given into the life of the royals. Their actual possessions are maintained and one will see the close relationship that Queen Emma had with Queen Victoria; the great great great grand mother of Michael II. Both queens lost their husbands at a young age and Queen Emma's son died at the age of four. The great room at the back of the home was added by Queen Emma to honor the visit of Michael's great great grandfather, Prince Alfred The Duke of Edinburgh. Michael II felt and saw many family connections to this home as well as his sense of belonging to Hawaii. He is quoted , “ There is a presence of natural peace and belonging in this home.”

Queen Emma's Summer Palace. The frame for this home was actually constructed in Boston in 1848 and shipped to Hawaii via Cape Horn. The architectural style is that of Greek Revival. The original home had six rooms with the Duke of Edinburgh room being added later.

Surfing the waves of Hawaii with the Duke of Edinburgh
     The State of Hawaii is one of Michael II's favorite places. The Aloha Spirit for which the islands are known is a concept that truly translates to Romanian Culture. The Romanian Royal Family can be said to have a long standing connection to Hawaii that began with Queen Victoria, but was confirmed through the Duke Edinburgh; Prince Alfred, not Prince Phillip. Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and the sovereign Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was the second son of Queen Victoria as well as the respect admiral of the British Royal Navy and the charismatic Father of Queen Marie of Romania. He was chosen by the Greeks to succeed King Otto upon his abdication. Politics prevented Prince Alfred from accepting the Greek Throne, instead Michael II's Great-great-grandfather Prince William of Denmark was crowned King George I of Greece.
     In 1869 Michael II's Great-great-grandfather became the first member of the British Royal Family to visit the Hawaiian Islands, then the Kingdom of Hawaii, to great fanfare. He was warmly received by the brilliant statesman King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma and the people of Hawaii. Prince Alfred delighted in Hawaii and its' people. At the time of the Duke of Edinburgh's visit, a child named Halapu Kahanamoku was born who was then christened “Duke” in honor of the young prince. Duke Halapu Kahanamoku would later pass the name Duke to his son Duke Kahanamoku. Duke Kahanamoku would become the record breaking Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, but best known as a promoter of surfing and introducing the sport to Australia.
The charismatic Duke of Edinburgh captained the HMS Galatia to Hawaii; lending his name to the Kahanamoku family which passed it to surf legend Duke Kahanamoku

Voice for the Romanian People: Thoughts From Michael II of Romania
 King Juan Carlos Abdicates

      I would like to congratulate and lend my support to my cousin, Felipe VI of Spain, who ascended the Spanish throne. As King Juan Carlos, like my own Father, becomes “Former King,” I feel it is important to reflect on what a stabilizing figure the Former King Juan Carlos was for Spain as it moved from dictatorship to democracy. It is easy to focus on more recent events that led to the Former King's abdication, however his role in history hopefully will be remembered in the fact that the Spanish people enjoy the right to demand accountability of their leaders, even the King. Long live King Felipe VI.

Ford Spoofs Cadillac
     Without having to take a stand or give a view, or even verbalize, two recent advertisements state much in a very short amount of time. The two mentioned pieces dealt with cars; which of course are not about automobiles.
Click to see the ads on Youtube:  Cadillac Poolside Ad and Ford CMax Dirt Ad

March 26th
     Even though a personal birthday greeting was sent to my sister, I would like to publicly acknowledge the official set birthday that my sister, Margarita, and I share. We have spent most of our lives giving and sharing out of duty and family; and will always continue to do so. Politics have separated us, but connection and duty has not ! Warm and gracious regards to you sister, I have never forgotten you.
Michael II

The Lasting Effects of Communism on Romanians

     Michael II recently received a correspondence from a student. He was interested in communism and it's effect on people. During the era of Communism many Romanians left their homeland and settled in Canada and the United States. Michael II was also displaced because of Communism and placed in a secure region for his safety and life; therefore he very well relates. When presented with this correspondence Michael II commented, “ I am very pleased and impressed that people are interested in learning about and understanding that difficult era that disrupted so many lives. I myself still deal with many aspects that changed my life so drastically and am now more than ever discussing it so people may understand more”. He added, “ The only way to teach it is to describe what happened, and in so exposing the truth”.

Plausible Deniability
     In a modern society oversight to protect both the individual and society as whole is important. When a person of authority turns a blind eye to the questionable activities by their subordinates and when someone is eventually caught the despot insulates themselves in a cloud of Plausible Deniability. 'Abuse of Power' is so prevalent in our society today; at all levels of life. What the media reports is most apparent to the public eye. This could happen in the office of a politician, in a hospital, in a school, in a neighborhood, or even in individual house. One observes ministry officials dismissed and imprisoned, or politicians claiming to be oblivious as to what happens among those they appoint. One is only as good as the people they surround themselves with. These persons reflect the work place culture of the leader or politician they are supporting. Plausible Deniability is very much alive.
Michael II

Toxic Personalities

     Recently a public radio station had a report on Toxic Commanders in the military.  'Toxic Energy' is a relevant term that occurs in many daily situations. One will find that it usually starts at the top by directly causing it or allowing it, and will, and usually, filters down the ladder. However, the task at hand is to be able to recognize it and allow oneself to deal with it and deter it from escalating. That said, it is always easier said than done because there are always certain elements involved: Fear, Bullying, Manipulation, and control. However, one must consider who actually has control.

     The most valuable aspect of 'Toxic Energy' is recognizing it and not falling prey to it. One often has the power to say 'NO' and then move onward away from it. One must remember that the person behind this bad behavior is usually an experienced expert at delivering this non essential energy. Their victims are usually those that are not used to saying 'NO' and can easily feel powerless; not realizing that they have the power to defuse this energy.

The New Year 2014

     Michael II gives a very simple New Year statement. “ Of course everyone wishes for World Peace, however before that occurs his wish is that all people stop and be silent and think of being kinder to one another.” He goes on the add, “ If all people could contemplate this and put this to practice, we would have less conflict.”


Politics at the Expense of the People

     As I read about public officials that are arrested or accused of various violations, not just in Romania, but everywhere in the world, one wonders if the culprit is greed or just negligence. I also view what is going on in Washington, and how this unnecessary closure of a government puts a strain on so many people at various levels. However, what I do view is that many public officials have forgotten why they are public officials; To Serve The People.



Karma and the Truth
     In facing the truth, often people protect themselves with denial. Life moves on. Perhaps the thought process is that after a certain time period all will be forgotten and forgiven. However, that said, inside that person(s) the truth is there. The heavy burden is theirs; Karma.


Never Too Old To Stand Trial For War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
     There has been a lot of media attention concerning the exposing and trials of war criminals and those associated. One must not look at their current age, but at the age they were when the acts against humanity occurred. They were present, observing, and aware; therefore participated. They were aware of the wrongness of these acts. Acts against humanity must be exposed regardless of who or when. “ All secrets are eventually revealed and made known.” An element of Michael II's position and re-emergence is that he will not keep the many secrets of his background hidden. Another crime against humanity; him.


People Miichael II Respects and Admires
US Ambassador Susan Rice To Be Security Advisor
     In an update to a previous article posted, I would wish to congratulate UN Ambassador Susan Rice on her appointment as National Security Advisor by President Obama. She has certainly proved her capabilities for this serious and important position. This appointment will not have to undergo the scrutiny and approval of politicians.


Romanian Happenings
Romania's Next President
     Congratulations to Klaus Johannis in his recent victory in Romania's presidential election.  Michael II wishes him well and success in his work for the people of Romania.

Former PrisonCommander on Trial
     Trial of former prison commander Alexandru Visinescu began on July 14th. The retired lieutenant colonel ran Romania's infamous Ramnicu Sarat Prison during the 1950s and 60s. Visinescu is charged with crimes against humanity, but he maintains his innocence and insists he was only following orders. Visinescu who is now 88 may not be the only former prison commander to face charges. Other now elderly prison commanders are under investigation. Visinescu was not present at Monday's hearing, but his next court date is set for July 24th.

Biden Visits Romania: Strong Allies
     Several people took the time to ask Michael II why United States Vice President Biden would take the time to go to Romania.  This gave the opportunity to educate people on the importance of Romania.  First of all the United States finds Romania to be a strong ally;  and has been for quite some time.  Also the strategic location of Romania gives diplomatic interest.  Many people are not aware that the United States has a military presence in Romania.  Most importantly Vice President Biden met to reassure support to Romania in regards to the current situation with Ukraine.  Lastly, Romania and the United States have very tactically strong Nato connections. As always Michael finds that it is his duty to inform people of  Romania and it's many valuable attributes.

No Shale Gas Exploration Allowed In Romania
     Prime Minister Ponta announced on State Radio that Romania will not be allowing the exploration of shale gas for the next five years. During those five years strict regulations will be put into place to protect Romania from exploitation. Romania must be independent so that it does not have to rely on outside help for it's own gas use.


Crimea Problem May Bring More Troops To Romania
     It has been reported that the United States embassy in Bucharest has asked to have support from Romanian authorities for an increase of U.S. Military in Romania. This is a safe guard due to the recent issue in Crimea. Many people are not aware that since 1999 United States forces have used the Mihail Kogalniceanu air base, which is located in eastern Romania on the Black Sea. The United States currently have 1,000 troops stationed there and the increase request asks for 600 more troops.

When Hitler Invaded Czechoslovakia

Invasion in our Neighborhood; Who Will Be The Next? 
     In regards to recent events with our Ukrainian neighbors, Romanians must value the fact that Romania is a single solid country. We have, and will always cherish our many cultural diversities and territories. That said, Romania must remain strong and unified and proud of our accomplishments and victories and must never invite outside entities to split our nation whether by greed or force.  We must remain a diverse, but united people.
Michael II

NATO AWACS Over Romania As The Invasion of Ukraine Continues

     On March 10, 2014 NATO approved the deployment of Airborne Warning and Control System planes, 'AWACS', over Poland and Romania to help monitor the crisis in Ukraine. This action comes through the recommendation by US Air Forces Philip Breedlove, the alliance's top military commander.


The Market at Obor

     A recent article was posted on BucharestLife.Net about the market at Obor in Bucharest. Though it may not be on the list of top 10 tourist destinations of Michael II's hometown, it is a historical landmark and would be worth visiting. This has been a market since the 18th century when it was known as Piata Yarguili de Afara. The original name referred to vendors coming into Bucharest to sell their merchandise. A gruesome point of interest is this was also the place for public executions during those early years. Executions ensured a large crowd for market days. There is now a monument to this time period. Over the year the market has changed, but it is still very much in operation. Today, the market is cleaner and more modern, however true to its' original purpose, it is still a place for vendors to sell their wares.


A Cultural Victory: Mititei Gets A Reprieve

     There's a very positive outlook Romanian industry of sausages. The EU just approved the use of bicarbonate soda in the sausages. These little skinless sausages known as Mititei is part of the Romanian heritage and a big industry. It is estimated that Romanians eat half a million of these delicate, but spicy sausages daily. Apparently Romanian food industry officials have been lobbying Brussels since last July when an export ban was placed on the sausages. It was reported that the EU was concerned that the use of bicarbonate soda was used to disguise bad meat. They now realize that this ingredient is essential for the consistency and flavor. If one hasn't ever had these little sausages a recipe was previously posted on this website, as Michael II often prepares Mititei.

Frescoes Discovered In Transylvania
     Frescoes have been discovered during recent restorations of fortified churches in Sibiu and Mures. The restoration of the frescoes that date back to the 15th century may be completed as early as spring 2014. The churches are cultural treasures that largely have been overlooked. The new discoveries may bring greater interest to these landmarks and the picturesque communities that surround them.
Preservation continues to be important to Michael II
See about his recent visit to San Juan Capistrano on Facebook

President Traian Basescu Reflects of the Holocaust
     The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in preparation for the Romanian President's three day visit to Isreal this week, interviewed Traian Basecsu at the former Royal Palace Cotroceni. President Basescu reflected on his visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC nine years earlier and discussed some of his feelings on addressing the past after viewing images of atrocities in Romania. Basescu told the JTA “For over 50 years of communism, we have been taught that Romania did not do that, that this was not real, that we were not involved the Holocaust....Yet there I was facing reality.” Basescu admits more must be done to address the reality of the Holocaust and hopes for greater ties with Isreal.
Holocaust Museum                                  Murdered Jewish Family
in Washington DC                                         In Lasi During WWII


“Many people forget that my grandfather took a strong stance against the Nazis and their views of the Jewish and other peoples that they targeted. His views were ignored. He is often not regarded as the humanitarian he was One also must remember and understand that the Holocaust was not just an issue relating to the Jewish population. Roma and other populations that were considered as less than, were targeted by the Nazi regime.”

Michael II

“Uncomfortable topics need to be addressed and a negative outcome can usually be avoided if there is a dialogue of communication as opposed to a duologue. Often topics are avoided because there are always rationalizing and assumption of the outcome, instead of facing the issues. People may be surprised by outcomes if they don't have fear or preconceived notions. We as Romanians must accept the truths of the past and make peace” Michael II looks forward to his return to his country and appreciates all the positive support that he has received.


A Native Son of Romania Dies In Exile
      Writer and Film Director Dinu Cocea passes away in Paris on December 29, 2013 of heart failure at age 84. A member of a famous family of the theater Cocea was perhaps best remembered for “The Outlaws” in 1966. Cocea left Romania in 1986 after angering communist censors by writing a script that focused on corruption. Cocea intended to direct a movie and to return to Romania after the 1989 Revolution, but was required to pay a fluctuating fee.

The Holiday Season In Romania


     Christmas celebrations in Romania traditionally begin on December 5 with Saint Nicolas day and then continues from December 20, Saint Ignatius Day and extend to January 7, Saint John's Day. During the communist era Romanians were discouraged from celebrating the season, however since the fall of the totalitarianism, Christmas has seen a resurgence. The holiday season largely remains spiritual and Romanian' s add their own unique customs to the celebrations .

December 5th: Saint Nicolas Day

     For Romanians Saint Nicolas known as Mos Nicolae is not the same person as Mos Craciun(Santa Claus). This is the day to put up Christmas lights and in the evening children receive a visit from Mos Nicolae. Children shine their shoes and place them next to the door. Good children receive candy and treats in their shoes, while the naughty will receive only sticks. If a child has been naughty a good polish on those shoes may influence Mos Nicolae's decision; at least in theory.

See Mos Craciun In Action 

December 20th: Saint Ignatius Day

     For many Romanians the Christmas celebrations includes Saint Ignatius's Day which is December 20th. This is the day that a pig is slaughter for the meat to be used for Christmas dinner. Some old traditions consider this custom as a sacrifice of a pig for good fortune in the coming year. The pig is slaughtered and the butchering process is a festive occasion where the extended family group enjoys a celebration of sharing bits of cooked pork. If a family does not have a pig a chicken may suffice. More recently this day has become a popular time for families to obtain a Christmas Tree, though the older tradition is to erect the tree on Christmas Eve.
Don't Just Stand There.......Run!

December 24: Christmas Eve

      Christmas Eve may be considered a more active celebration than Christmas Day. This is when the pork from Saint Ignatius Day is used for a Christmas feast. The Christmas Eve celebrations traditionally include caroling and visiting.

December 25: Christmas Day

     Craciun or Christmas Day may include gifts under the Christmas tree left by Mos Craciun (Santa Clause). Since the end of communism some Romanians attend church on this day. Lunchtime is when Romanians enjoy another feast. Caroling continues on this day and the holiday is characterized as a quiet family day.


A Halt To Mining
     In a majority vote, Parliament has voted to reverse the green light to a red light concerning the Rosia Montana gold mining project. The protests by the people were heard and listened to. Most importantly was announced by Prime Minister Ponta that time needs to be spent on rules and regulations for future mining projects in all areas. Even though the many mining resources would enhance the economy of Romania, stricter regulations would protect the country and the people.

Architect Anca Petrescu Passes Away
     Anca Petrescu passed away at age 64 on October 30th after being in a coma since a September car accident. Petrescu was appointed by dictator Nikolai Ceausescu to design the Palace of the People in 1978 . This huge marble palace that Ceausescu was obsessed with remains the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon in Washington DC. The palace caused the demolition of thousands of homes and was intended to be the Presidential Palace, but today houses Parliament and among other government agencies. Petrescu continued working on the building until her recent accident.

US Missiles In Romania
     Even though there have been previous retracted reports concerning the American military presence, work has begun on a United States ballistic missile defense system at the Deveselu Military Base. This system, positioned on the existing military base, will be operated and maintained by United States service personnel. The system is not expected to be operational until 2015. According to the United State's State Department, this system will protect Europe and the United States from ballistic missiles launched from the Middle East.

PM Victor Ponta Goes To Washington
     Prime Minister Victor Ponta visits the United States for three days. His official visit includes meetings with Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Motorola, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard. He will also have a meeting with United States Vice President Joe Biden. A purpose of the meetings is to enhance and further develop relations with the United States.


     Prime Minister Victor Ponta did meet with Vice President Joe Biden. Economic, political, and military issues were discussed that could develop between Romania and the United States. However, Vice president Biden emphasized that part of a partnership meant that it was necessary for Romania to have a 'strong rule of law'

Romanians Receive National Healthcare

    As American politicians continue to battle over 'Obamacare' the rest of the developed world tends to view the availability of health care to all citizens as a necessary investment in the people. By the end of October it is expected that Romanians will receive the new national Health card in the mail. It was originally decided that doctors would distribute these cards. However, doctors did not want to get involved with this initiative because they were not getting paid extra for doing so. The president of the National Health Insurance House, Cristian Busoi, estimates that the extra cost of mailing the cards could be several million euros. All said, it is a great benefit for the people to have a 'National Health' system.


Tony Blair to be Consultant to Romania

     Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair works as an international consultant. He has made two visits to Romania this year. His most recent visit, on October 3, was to meet with Prime Minister Ponta to discuss ways to streamline governmental policies. He recently became an adviser to Albania.

Maria Tanase: Her Songs Remain Timeless

     Romanians celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of beloved Romanian singer Maria Tanase. She was most known for singing traditional Romanian songs. She was nicknamed the Edith Piaf of Romania. Though she lived between 1913 and 1963, her music is very much popular today.

Vacaresti Wetlands to be Preserved in Bucharest
     There are possibilities of a new nature park in the middle of Bucharest. The Association to Save the Danube and the Delta have begun the process to have Vacaresti Delta recognized as a nature park and be protected. They have begun an information campaign to gain interest in cleaning up and preserving this area in the middle of the city. According to the association, the wildlife found living here is amazing. In June, the Romanian Academy gave the go ahead to turn this area into a protected zone. Michael II, who has an interest in horticulture commented, “ This is a project that my grandfather would have been very involved with. He never fully received credit for projects such as this that he accomplished.”

The Pianist Alexandra Dariescu
     'The Arts' will always be a wonderful and natural ambassador for a country. One must give recognition and applause to Romanian pianist Alexandra Dariescu for all of her numerous accomplishments. She has just been shortlisted for the Women of the Future Awards in London. She is one of five nominees. Among her many awards and accomplishments, she has become the first female pianist from Romania to perform on the Royal Albert Hall stage alongside the London Royal Philharmonic. That alone shows her dedication to herself and her art. The 27 year old has been selected as one of Forbes Magazine as an outstanding ambassador for classical music. The awards ceremony in London will take place on November 13. Thank you and good luck.

Protesters Against Reopening Rosia Montana's Mine Form A Human Ring Around The Palace Of The People
     Anti mining protests over reopening the open pit gold mine at Rosia Montana continue in Bucharest. On Saturday, September 21, the most dramatic protest took place. A human chain was formed around the second largest building in the world, The Palace of The People, which houses Romania's Parliament. It is a scene that demonstrates how far the Romanian people have moved on from the tyrannical dictator Ceausescu. During his regime, he did not want the people to have any say or power.

A Push Toward Schengen Approval
     European Commission President Jose Manuel Barosso feels that Romania and Bulgaria have now met the criteria to become part of the Schengen membership. He also feels that this should begin right a way. Earlier this year, this website reported that certain countries were opposed to Romania and Bulgaria being accepted into the Schengen. However, President Barosso doesn't feel that Europe should have first and second class citizens. Europe is more unified with integration.

Torturers Are Never Too Old To Account For Their Crimes
     As a follow up to the article concerning prison torturers during the communist era, Romanian prosecutors have formally charged 88 year old Alexandru Visinescu with genocide for beating, torturing, and starving political prisoners. If proven guilty he could face life in prison. Evidence was presented to prosecutors proving his alleged involvement in at least 5 deaths of political prisoners.

Rosia Montana Protests


    Here is a case where 'The People' were heard. After a week of protests against the Rosia Montana gold mining project, Prime Minister Ponta has declared the case 'Closed', and he feels the vote in Parliament well shut the project proposal down. As previously reported on this website, these protests have gone on much longer than a week. However, the actual protests in Bucharest made a proving point. Again, this still has to be voted on in Parliament, but there appears to be a majority against the mining project. Perseverance does give results; or more aptly 'The squeaky wheel gets the oil.'

Romanian Prince May Be A Saint
     Thousands traveled to Bucharest for the ' Beatification ' of Monsignor Vladimir Ghika. Pope Francis approved this honor in March. This is one of the final stages in the process of becoming a Saint. Vladimir Ghika, a Romanian Prince, truly served the people. A prince of giving to the poor and the deserving. Leaving the life of a wealthy noble family, he chose Catholicism and dedicated he entire life to helping people in Romania and throughout the world. When the communists came to power he refused to leave Romania. He was arrested and jailed and convicted of treason. He was accused of being a spy for the Vatican. In spite of the tortures and cruelties of prison. He never betrayed his faith and the people. He died in Jilava Communist prison in 1954. He exemplified the word sacrifice. Romanian Orthodox Bishop Varlaam Ploiesteanl said if Vladimir Ghilka,” he had something that united the believers of all faiths in Romania: the suffering and the resistance against the oppression of the communist regime.” This beatification gives Vladimir Ghika the title ' Blessed '.

Central Park Recreated in Bucharest

      Located in Baneasa Forest, Stejarii Country Club will be completed this fall. The total area is approximately 22,000 square meters. The vision for this project was taken from the concept of New York's Central park. The facility and property will include jogging and walking trails, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, squash courts, areas for relaxation, and a spa. Total investment for this project is around 18 million EUR.

     In a recent public comment President Traian Basescu pointed out that the high unemployment rate in Romania has to be inspected and improved. He also pointed out that foreign investment must increase. Romania offers a great deal, and proper choice of foreign investments will increase all numbers that President Basescu claims need improvement to increase Romania's vitality. The country and it's people are foremost in this statement.

Climb The Sky Tower
     As with most large cities one will find modern architecture amid very historic buildings, and Bucharest is no exception. Beginning today, August 9, the public can climb the 34 floors of Romania's tallest building, Sky Tower. This will be available every Friday for the next two months. Visitors will find areas of entertainment as well as areas displaying art. At the very top, telescopes well be available to view the sights of Bucharest from above. Sky Tower is 137 meters high. Enjoy.......unless one has a fear of heights and in that case enjoy some of Romania's wine before the climb.

The Romanian Film Festival in New York
     The Romanian film festival ' Making Waves ' is set again this year in New York for December. They have successfully raised the required 25,000 USD to keep the festival going. The festival has become popular enough to expand the venue outside of the city and thus will also show at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville New York. Michael II is an advocate of all arts and has watched the Palm Springs Festival grow to the current level. These are very expensive projects and the Romanian Film Festival is accepting donations through Kickstarter.com. The website for ' Making Waves ' will be attached to this article, therefore one can read about the festival and donate if they wish.

Romania's Peasant Museum Is Internationally Noticed
     TripAdvisor recently awarded the Romanian Peasant museum in Bucharest the Certificate of Excellence. The museum is one of Bucharest's most popular tourist sites, with over 3,500 visitors a month. The museum houses over 90,000 folk objects that ranges from ceramics to religious icon. TripAdvisor is one of the largest tourist promotional website in the world. People refer to this website because other tourists very candidly post their reviews of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

U.S. Sponsors Films at Romania's National Library
     The National Library in Bucharest will be showing American films at The American Corner with no admission cost for the next two months. This film series is sponsored and organized by the United States Embassy. The U.S. Embassy continues work to be involved with the Romanian culture and to promote positive relations with the United States.

Ponta Visits Asia
Prime Minister Victor Ponta with Premier Li Keqiang

     Prime Minister Ponta visits four Asian states: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and China. This is purely for economic reasons and partnership. “ The meeting covered further enhancement of cooperation between the two countries. The parties stressed the importance of the visit of Romanian Prime Minister to Kazakhstan scheduled for the second half of this year. The coming talks will allow to take interaction in investment projects to a higher level and expand contractual legal framework.

Romanian Film Wins Big at the Berlin Film Festival
The Golden Bear Award: "Child's Pose" gets top honor
Romanian Actress Liminita Gheorghiu again masters her craft
      Another standing ovation for the Romanian film industry. Director Calin Peter Netzer won the prestigious 'Golden Bear' award at the Berlin Film festival for his film “Child's Pose.” The award represents best film of the festival. This film centers around a wealthy socially positioned woman who attempts to pay off a poor family after her son killed their son in a road accident. Liminita Gheorghiu played this starring role. She also starred in Cristian Mungiu's “ 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.” Congratulations to all.
Romanian Director Calin Peter Netzer Accepts the Golden Bear

A Night at The Museum
The Royal Palace is now Romania's National Art Museum 
     Each May Romania follows the European tradition of 'Museum Night'. Particularly in Bucharest, the museums are open all night and some with free admission. Thousands of take advantage of this cultural event.
The George Enescu Museum & The National Peasant Museum

British Royals Visit Romania
     The United Kingdom Embassy in Bucharest announced that Prince Edward and his wife Countess Sophie will visit Romania on June 24. The occasion is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the opening of the British Council in Romania. Prince Edward if the third son of Queen Elisabeth II and is the Count of Wessex.

     Congratulations to Romanian film director Cristian Mungiu for being chosen to be on the jury of the 66th Cannes Film Festival. He has won awards for his films ' 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days' and ' Beyond the hills.' He is the first Romanian filmmaker to be honored with the Palm D'Or Award for a feature film. The jury is led by Steven Spielberg, and this outstanding honor seats him with other accomplished artists in the film industry.

     In an article posted on April 4, 2013 investors and analysts from London to Los Angeles are urging Standard & Poor's to upgrade Romania's credit rating. It is long overdue with proof that Romania has worked diligently to improve fiscal health and meet EU requirements. Credit risk and debt risk have drastically improved. “ The nation's economic stability and stronger public finances warrant a more positive credit assessment, according to Economy Minister Vasganian.” “ I definitely think it's time for them to upgrade,” quote from Blaise Antin, who helps manage about 10.5 billion of emerging-market debt. “ I've liked this credit for a while and I think it's on an improving trend.”

     An article posted on March 14 refers to an article in 'The Economist' that discusses the progress with Romanian cinema. Since the Ceausescu era and revolution, Romanian films are gaining international recognition. As a result of the popularity and growing popularity in international film festivals, this recognition will only increase more rapidly. The eclectic and vast population that follow and travel to these festivals is amazing. Michael II applauds, Ada Solomon, the producer of ' The Child's Pose ', when she stated, “ politicians should pay more attention to the film industry because it has become an ambassador for the country.” Michael II added, “ The number of films entered in a film festival is overwhelming, therefore film goers steer to the country they are familiar with or know the consistent style of directing. That said,Romanian films need to be seen more and entered more.”

     A posted article on Tuesday, February 26. 2013 titled “Why has Romania got such a bad public image” published in BBC News Magazine, is worth a read. At first glance the title gave the impression that it would be the same negative rhetoric about Romania and Romanians. However, the article pointed out the positives and the efforts by the Prime Minister and advertising campaigns stressing the wonderful productive points of Romania and the people. The article referenced interviews with Romanians living in the UK, showing a sincere positive consensus. Articles such as this one help to create a correct , fair, and polite dialogue.

The Treaty of Trianon
The Treaty of Trianon was a peace agreement signed at the end of World War I on June 4, 1920. The treaty defined, or redefined, the borders of Hungary. As a result of this treaty, Hungary had 72% less territory. A recent news article made reference to this treaty and involves our country of Romania. Involved is the Transylvania region that was Hungarian prior to the treaty, but of course is Romania now. The news article referred to Hungarians living in that region who wish to declare their Hungarian background by flying the Szekler flag instead of the Romanian flag.  

Recent News

Tirana, Albania: Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean and Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati recently met in Tirana, Albania. They met before the official visit of Prime Minister Ponta. Discussions centered around the relationship between the two countries and the continuation of a positive dialogue. Economic development and trade would enhance both countries. Romanian investments in Albania are most important. Albania has strength in the garment and footwear industry. Dialogue with neighboring countries gives allegiance and solidarity and increased friendship within the Balkans.

Bucharest: Former transportation minister Relu Fenechiu has been given a five year jail sentence for corruption. The sentence was upheld by Romania's Supreme Court. Fenechiu conspired with his brother Lucian Fenechiu to sell outdated electrical equipment at an inflated cost to the state electrical company. Fenechiu's conviction makes him the third government minister to be convicted in 2014 following Adrian Nastase and Monica Ridzi.

Government Ministers Adrian Naste and Monica Iacob Ridzi
Were Also Convicted for Corruption
Bucharest: 45 gold coins that disappeared from Romania about ten years ago have been returned. The coins that date back to the first century before Christ are on exhibit at the Romanian National History Museum in Bucharest. This move represents many examples of stolen art objects being returned to the rightful owner; whether it be State or an individual.
Oregon: Princess Irina of Romania and her husband John Walker were arrested in Oregon after being accused of operating an illegal cockfighting business at their ranch. Both have pleaded not guilty and have been released pending the trial. They were charged in a conspiracy to violate the federal Animal Welfare Act. Michael II issued a statement on his website that aligned with his father's statement.
Targoviste: An appropriate follow to the above article is that the former military base in Targoviste will be open to the public beginning this September. Visitors will be able to see the wall where communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed in December of 1989. The interior of the building will be restored to the status of the time period. Romania is still recovering from their outlandish spending and overpowering rule and personal strife.


Romania: Recently, 'The Institute for the investigation of communism crimes' and the media have revealed the names of communist torturers. These torturers are accused of crimes against 'political enemies' of the communist party between 1947 and 1965. The newspaper, Gandul , plans to publish investigations that will detail their crimes as well as their whereabouts after the fall of communism in 1989. This exposure campaign started with Alexander Visinescu, the former commander in chief of the Romanian Sarat Penetentiary from 1956 until 1963, when it was closed. Mr. Visinescu claims he is not guilty, he was just doing his job.


Vaslui: The Romanian drilling company Dafora has been chosen by the American company Chevron to drill in Romania's Vaslui county. This four year drilling contract for onshore drilling will start this fall. Chevron has recently been given approval to place drilling wells in three areas in Vaslui county.
Bucharest: A follow up to a previously posted article concerning Romania and the Schengen Agreement, shows that Romania has recently a more positive chance of being accepted. Last week France's Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, visited Romania and announced that we have the approval of France. This is a result of our positive political improvements and changing many of the negative criticisms we were receiving. As a review, being included in the countries accepted in the Schengen, will allow us to move within those countries with limited border issues.

 From Michael's Table
Mititei ( the wee ones ) Little Grilled Sausages
     This is a very easy recipe that people will rave about. Michael considers this a very informal dish. He also has put some twists to the recipe.
2 pounds of ground meat. He uses ground beef and pork sausage meat.
2 tablespoons of water
1 teaspoon of crushed garlic
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of dried thyme
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
2 teaspoons of crushed caraway seeds
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon crush cumin seeds
¼ teaspoon cardamom
Directions:  Place all the ingredients in a bowl and knead for about five minutes with your hands. It is very important to keep wetting your hands with cold water as you knead the mixture.......this will add needed moisture to the mixture.
  • Cover the mixture with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Michael refrigerates overnight to allow all the spices to set.

  • To make the sausages you will keep your hands wet and roll your sausages to be about 4 inches long and 1 inch thick. Cut the ends with a knife to seal them.

  • Put cooking oil in a fry pan to brown them. Then transfer them to a baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes.

  • Michael serves these with a salad and potato pancakes and sour cream.


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