Michael II of Romania           Mihai al II-lea al României
The Only Son of Michael I of Romania

King Michael of Romania has only one son Michael II of Romania who is also known as Mihai Von Hohenzollern II. Michael II descends from Queen Victoria, and the Prussian House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, which provided Romania’s first King, Carol I. King Michael I abdicated on December 30, 1947 and went into exile during communism. Michael II was born in Switzerland and raised under protection in United States. Mihai II is proud of his children and grand children that all continue to live in the United States. Now living in California, he continues to promote the interests and culture of his Romanian homeland and considers Bucharest his hometown. This is the official web site authorized by Michael II of Romania. Michael II is the Head of House for the Romanian branch of the Hohenzollern line by agnatic primogeniture law after the abdication of Michael I in 1947. However Mihai continues refer to his Father as King Michael out of respect only. You may contact Michael’s office at Mihai Von Hohenzollern II on facebook.

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Regele Mihai a fost silit să abdice la 30 decembrie 1947. Mihai II este singurul fiu al regele Mihai I al României. Mihai II s-a născut în Elveţia şi a fost crescut în America. Prin Legea salică, Mihai II devenit șeful Casei Regale de România după abdicarea tatălui său la 30 decembrie 1947.....JR, Site Administrator
Contact Michael II's office: Facebook
   Michael II of Romania goes into exile in The US

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"The True Life of Michael I"

"Swiss Scandal"
"Juan Carlos Paternity Suit"
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Swiss Scandal

With the recent discovery of exploits by Swiss banking, HSBC being at the center of the scandal of hidden accounts, it is important that the world hold those involved responsible. This scandal is very relevant to Michael II who asked the Swiss Government about securing his holdings. Their response was evasive and far from complete; however they have not denied anything. Things may suddenly reappear as suddenly as they they disappeared. Interesting... However this is a disturbing pattern that has continued since the early stages of World War II.


 Juan Carlos Paternity Suit

Juan Carlos, Sartiau & Sola

    Former King Juan Carlos of Spain is back in the news again being the subject of a paternity suit. The former King was protected from such legal action while occupying the Spanish Throne. It is the belief of Michael II that the truth eventually comes out. Some powerful people are able to skirt justice where others can not. Powerful men should be required to properly provide for their children including the former kings Juan Carlos of Spain, Albert II of Belgium and Michael I of Romania. When a father places his child's well being above the embarrassment of his own actions it is a true measure of his character. If a wife chose to remain silent and protect her husband rather than defend the rights of the child, she should be considered equally culpable whether she wears a crown or not. Holding a secret that would allow any man to circumvent his paternity responsibilities of properly providing for his children is inexcusable.

Albert II & Delphine Boel

Michael I of Romania


Micheal II's daughter & Ileana

    "Where did you get that picture of me?" was what Michael II 's daughter asked. However the Photo was of Ileana of Romania. History repeats itself in many ways. His daughter not only is a repeat of a well remembered face of the Romanian Royal Family, her Aunt Ileana, she also proves to have a similar temperament. 80 years apart, but it is as if time stood still.
        During the last several years Mihai II has promoted Romania and the people of Romania via his website. He has had a great deal of positive feedback. His readers and followers continue to grow. One of his goals has always been to be in Romania where he can personally be involved with the people. As this goals comes into a reality, he has received acknowledgement by President Basescu. He has corresponded with the President's office during the past years and appreciates the gesture.

Sisterhood of Spies 

     This book exposes the efforts of the many women who answered the call of duty joining the hastily formed OSS to help the allied forces win WWII. The Office of Strategic Service aka OSS was the precursor to the CIA that was formed just prior to America's entry to the war by presidential order of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The author Elizabeth McIntosh, who joined the OSS after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, in her native Hawaii, recounts her own experiences as well as compiles many experiences of her sisters in arms. Sisterhood of Spies underlines the great risks and sacrifices and combined secret efforts made by an international ensemble of players on all fronts of the allied camp. Ms. McIntosh brings to life a time when the United States steps beyond innocence and becomes today's superpower and establishes an intelligence agency with the help and encouragement of the more advanced British intelligence service. The book is an exciting read, yet unencumbered style allows the reader to easily follow the complicated material. The inclusion of famous personalities such as Julia Child and Lord Louis Mountbatten (a Greek Relative to Michael II of Romania and Prince Consort Phillip), along with the many heroic ordinary people, locks the readers attention until the end.
“I found the book very interesting and made a very personal connection with the service of my own family with the OSS and my own hidden childhood, which had me moved around during the cold war. I was moved to make a personal contact with Ms. McIntosh, who now in her nineties remains very much the fascinating woman who served the war effort”(Michael II). Find this
Sisterhood of Spies at Amazon and see Elizabeth McIntosh on the video series Secrets of War season 1 episode 3 “Women Spies of World War II” online at Hulu.com.

Parenting and Values of Michael I of Romania

     Michael II responds to the neglect issue by stating, “Certainly there is no excuse for not accepting parental responsibility. However, regardless of marital and political issues at the time of the birth of myself and my sister, there have been many opportunities to put things right. That said others must shoulder the blame with my Father. There were and are many Royal Houses in Europe with knowledge of the situation and in recent years they have had the opportunity to communicate. They have protected each other. I make exception to Denmark and appreciate the response and assistance. This statement comes at the time of the date strategically chosen for the official birthday for myself and my sister, March 26, 1949. A date that would be an acceptable match for the marriage date of our Father to Princess Anne. We are indeed older and not born in March.”

The True Life of Michael I of Romania: Duping the Public

     There is not a society or culture that condones the abandonment of a child. How a person cares for their child is the reflection of ones true character and where they should belong in society. Michael II has been asked to comment about his exile and he has been generous to his Father and has given him plenty of opportunity to show a change in maturity and of character. However it is time to bring the truth forward and dispel the fairytail of the white knight that married a Danish princess. Michael II will begin to publicly reflect on the past, a life in exile, and the greed that has protected a false king.

The False King: Michael I of Romania


     People automatically assume that when a person of power makes decisions, they actually have the authority to make such decisions. Former King Michael I portrays that he is still head of the Romanian Royal Family. Abdication is final. Salic law was intact and applicable when he abdicated in 1947. Therefore his title was passed to his only son and first born. Former King Michael I did not have the authority to change or attempt to change Salic law and place Princess Margarita in a position above her twin brother. The line of succession is to be determined by Michael II; and he has his line.

Saving The Line of The Romanian Royal Family

     It has been a recurring question as why Michael was brought to the United States and did not remain in Europe. As head of the Romanian Royal Family since his Father's abdication, Michael II's safety became the key issue. Early, when communism had just been forced upon the Romanian people the only male child of the Royal line was a danger to the new regime and Stalinist tactics were a very real concern in Europe. Also the American operative closely tied to the family took the responsibility of rescuing, protecting, and safely bringing Michael into exile in the United States. She was also instrumental in the development and implementation of his cover.

The Woman Who Saved The Romanian Royal Family Line
     Don't lie, but don't tell everything you know...Don't act too smart... A young child has not yet mastered the science of rationalizing or lying; they are innocent. For Michael he learned enough at a young age not to trust. A young child has a mind that takes in everything and remembers perfectly, however he knew not to disclose his memories to his protector.
     For Michael the memories are vivid of the people connected to his early years; from his family to the time with the order that protected him. Perhaps that is where he developed the skill to hide and be very silent. “I could hide directly in front of someone and not be seen”. How to blend in was a key for his safety.

Where do you safely hide the boy that is head of the Romanian Royal Family so he will blend in and not be found? His American adventure would begin briefly in Washington D.C. and from there his hiding place; very rural New England.

The transition was not an easy. New environment and many new faces. An major element of the strategy was a new name. Michael spent a lot of time rebuking this and remembers repeatedly say, “ That IS not my name.” it was difficult to accept the changes.

     "The first time I met you you couldn't speak English well and you brought M&Ms" is how Michael's cousin and childhood friend remembers the arrival.  "That was at XXXXXXX's home on XXXXXXX in Washington.... you broke a  lamp."  It was all so unfamiliar and frightening for a small boy. This is where the drop off occurred and Michael would leave for rural New England to begin a new life with a new name in America, but it would never feel quite like home.  "That is not my name!"

     Michael also had to adjust to being alone. The connection twins have with one another is well known. The studies of twins who have been separated from a young age are particularly interesting.... Even into his early adulthood, people would try to dispel the notion of a twin; but Michael never gave into the game.  "Twins are very sensitive to each other and my Sister is no exception.  As one of my children looks just like her I am constantly reminded of my sister and our connection."

     Along with an entire new venue young Micheal II also had to adjust to being moved around a lot. It was as if he was lulled into a very false sense of reality. A few years ago a confession was made to him by a person who was close to him during those difficult young years. “ I always felt bad for you because you never had a childhood.....you had to grow up quickly. You were moved around and had to live with total strangers; for your protection.”


Greece Hosts A Ceremony No Other Nation Would: Micahael I and Anne


King Michaels Past Creates A Split Among Royals          Pope Pius XII Could Not Legitimize The Union                                                   
    Every family has and carries secrets and at times it might seem as if a blood oath was taken to entrust that the secret or secrets never be revealed. In all honesty, a time period or circumstances may have warranted secrecy. However, there is the truism that secrets are revealed when an opportunity and circumstance manifests. Michael was recently asked to evaluate his life in as few words as possible. He came up with just two; Secrets and Reclamation. “ When one's life is surrounded by secrets, a time comes to reveal and stop the progression and face truths and reality.” “ My goal is to correct facts and thus reclaim the truth and all involved.”

     The marriage of Former King Michael I to Anne of Bourbon – Parma was both tenuous and perilous. The marriage was not recognized by the Pope, head of the Bourbon – Parma family, and not by Carol II. These were all very important and crucial people to recognize the marriage.


Abdication Made Michael II the Head of The Romanian Royal Family

To Be Followed By His Oldest Son and Then His Grandchild

     Michael II is the Head of the Romanian Royal Family a branch of the Hohenzollern line by agnatic primogeniture law after the abdication of Michael I in 1947. As the oldest child and only son of Michael I, Michael II is the rightful heir to the Romanian Crown. The Head of the Royal Family is the only person that may hold the position of King. As Head of the Family, Michael II is the only authority to set rules of house since the 1947 abdication of his Father King Michael I. Princess Margarita of Romania is the full sister of Michael II and he appreciates her work for the public, however as head of the family Michael II does not recognize her use of the title of Crown Princess. The line of succession passes from Michael II to his oldest child the heir apparent a Prince of Romania and then to Michael II's three Grand Son's in order of their birth. Succession then follows Michael II's next Son and then to his youngest child, his Daughter. Only after Michael II's line has been exhausted does Princess Margarita become heir apparent for head of the Royal Family of Romania, and the Crown. Michael II continues to refer to his Father as King Michael out of respect and does not cede authority or prerogative back to his Father "His Royal Highness the Former King Michael I". Rights of succession are determined by birth and are not an individual's preference; I.E. Michael I could not choose his heir apparent. A King may only abdicate once, then the Crown and position Head of the Royal Family is passed to the oldest son no matter that son's age. The King may not skip over the rightful heir. Like King Carol II's forced abdication in 1940, King Michael I's abdication in 1947 is just as final and he is no longer King nor Head of the Royal Family. Any house rules set by Michael I since his abdication are false acts including any granting of titles or separation from the Hohenzollerns of Germany. Michael II maintains those prerogatives.


Speaking Romanian

     Michael has always found it to be both a pleasure and responsibility to stay informed and to educate about Romania. Knowing about the people, culture, and political arena are vital. In preparation of his entry into Romania he finds it important to study the language. While he doesn't promise to be a master of the language, he wishes to have an understanding of it.